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John S. Sarya
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what sets us apart?

The SAMARITAN Public Access Defibrillator is different from any other public access defibrillator on the market. It offers: ease-of-use, reliability & durability, and quality based on clinical ethics -- all at prices that are inexpensive..

We have created a single cartridge, combining the battery and pad into one component--giving the consumer one expiration date to monitor, not two. The cartridge has a shelf-life of 3 years and, as a combined unit, offers the consumer significant savings over other defibrillators with separate battery and pad units.

The SAMARITAN PAD is lighter and smaller than other defibrillators on the market, making use and storage easier.

The SAMARITAN PAD is built on many years of research and development and patented technology. The SAMARITAN PAD uses HeartSine's SCOPE T Biphasic technology (a low-energy waveform that adjusts for the differences in each person's physical make-up) to deliver optimal defibrillation to every patient.

It has an auto-self test, providing less maintenance.

John Sarya
North Michigan A.E.D.- Defibrillators & Supplies
403 E. State Street
Traverse City MI 49686
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